Frequently Asked Questions



  • "Is carbon fiber 3D printing as strong as metal parts?"

- Yes. We can build parts 20% stronger and stiffer than aluminum when using continuous Carbon Fiber reinforcement.

  • "Isn't z-axis strength dependent on layer bond strength?"

- 3D printing is isotropic, however with correct design attributes, precise fiber reinforcement, and mechanical systems we are able to achieve Z-axis strength which is stronger than the layer bond.


  • "How much lighter is carbon fiber than aluminum?"

- Carbon Fiber parts are between 30%-40% lighter than equivalent aluminum parts.

CarbonShield Bumpers

  • "Will the bumper work with my OneTail+?"

- Yes, we can make you a custom bumper to accommodate the OneTail +.  Please send us a message to request your custom quote.

  • "Will the bumper work with my Cobra Grip and my OneTail Classic?"

- Yes! They work great with both of those footpads.

  • "Will the bumper interfere with my float plates?"

No! They do not interfere with your float plates.

  • "I have sidekicks and a plugbrush on my board, would the bumper interfere with those?"

- Yes, the sidekicks will need to be trimmed and the Plug Brush would need to be replaced with a Plug Brush Mini.

  • Can I get a bumper without wheels and a handle/stand?

Yes, absolutely! We are happy to create a custom bumper solution that fits your needs.  Please send us an email at with your specific requests.

Sales Tax

  • Why am I being charged for CO state sales tax when I don't live in CO?

Colorado Department of Revenue adopted a new sales tax rule in 2018 that requires sales tax to be collected and remitted regardless of the purchaser's address - 39-26-102(9)