Yamaha FZ07-R Ram Air Box

Advantages of 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping

Continuous Fiber Fabrication

We print and market mechanically, physically, and chemically superior products. Our printed products are made from a patented carbon fiber-based material reinforced with single strand continuous composite fiber. This allows us to guarantee that our parts will deliver superior durability and performance. 

Some of the key benefits and features of our products are:

• Strong yet lightweight - improved performance due to lighter parts.

• Rapid Production - Rapid production of lower volume end use parts.

• Durability - temperature and impact resistant parts.

• No tooling costs - time and cost savings by eliminating the need for tooling.

• Customization - customization at no additional cost.

• Freedom of design - produce part geometries not possible using traditional CNC manufacturing.

• Stronger AM parts - nearly 30x stronger mechanical properties than other AM technologies such as SLS, FDM and SLA.

• Wider range of materials - uses a wide variety of fiber materials and polymers, while requiring no special formulations.

• Faster build speed - faster than other AM technologies as well as traditional composite lay-up and subtractive fabrication techniques.

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